Frequently Asked Questions


1. I am not qualified yet, I have not completed my training; can I register for work with you now?

To work with us as a locum doctor or AHP Allied Healthcare Professional, you must have a current, valid qualification and professional body registration for the country in which you want to work.

2. I live in one country now, but want to work in another country where you are based. Can I register for work there?

We can only register you for work in the country where you are a citizen or you have a valid work permit. We are unable to obtain work permits for foreign nationals.

3. Why do I need to attend a face-to-face meeting with an A24 consultant?

All applicants are expected to attend a session with our in-house recruitment consultant, to scan and collect their original employment eligibility documents which forms part of the mandatory requirements set out by UKBA Home Office. This is supplementary to a Skype interview.  

4. How do I register with you - as I cannot find details of any of your branches?

A24 Group has moved away from branch locations, preferring to have our medical consultants based throughout the UK. Our medical consultants are car based and therefore have the complete flexibility to meet with you in your local area or workplace. All of our Roving Consultants are equipped with document scanners and other equipment to enable them to fully assist you to register. To start your registration with us just click here to register your contact details.

5. Why do I need a Criminal Records check, when I have one that has been done recently with my current employer?

We can accept any 3rd party DBS on the basis that the disclosure is registered for the DBS update service (To register, click here), maintains the same designation or workforce and received in the appropriate manner as prescribed (original/authentic applicant disclosure copy). It is a legal requirement that all applicants who work in positions whereby they might be in direct contact with vulnerable adults, young adults and children evidence their Enhanced Disclosure prior to commencing work.   

6. Who owns the A24 Group

A24 Group is a group of private companies, with no outside shareholders or investors, owned and operated by its founders. It is a family business, founded in 1996, with professional appointees to the Board and senior management positions, with considerable expertise and experience.

7. Is A24 affiliated to any other agencies?

We operate under the brands, Ambition 24Hours and The Locum Services of the UK. Locum Services of the UK is predominately a supplier in the high-end 'pot' market of temporary staffing and works to achieve the highest rates possible for healthcare professionals.

8. Who do I speak to if I am unhappy about anything?

Please email and we will ensure that the correct person addresses any concern you may have.